Guides & Staff

WE ARE THE ONLY ONES! The Best of Kamchatka™ is the only agent/outfitter which works exclusively on Kamchatka. 

This singular focus shows in our superior guide staff, cuisine, equipment selection, fishing programs and intense attention to details.  Your trip is all we think about – it is that important.

The Best of Kamchatka™ is a joint venture between two highly knowledgeable men.

The American partner is William Blair. Will has worked in the fly fishing industry since 1994 and has been guiding, managing, owning and developing fishing lodges on both coasts of the Kamchatka Peninsula with Victor since 1999. Owner/Head Guide Kolpakova River jet Boat Program 1999-2001,   Guide Kadrovia Jet Boat Program, Zhupanova River Kamchatka 1997, 98. Guide Katmai Lodge, Western Alaska Sportfishing, Marketing and Sales Director Rapids Camp Lodge Alaska/ Rio Salveje Lodge, Chile, Director of Kamchatka Travel, The Fly Shop®.

Victor Rebrikov, the Russian partner, has been outfitting wilderness lodges on the peninsula since 1989. A retired veterinarian, Victor brings brilliant Russian insight. A natural born leader he brings together excellent staff and smooth travel.  His love of taking care of our guests is only exceeded by his love for animals. A master Hunter and woodsman extraordinaire Victor has a worldwide reputation as a great Bear, Moose and Sheep Outfitter.  His Company Utgard has over 300,000 acres of Moose territory.   Victor also has incredible hunting opportunities for brown bear in a few select locations such as Two Yurt Base Lodge.

Will and Victor have been friends and partners in many projects over the years and know that working together they will show you The Best of Kamchatka™.

We look forward to meeting you and having you become a part of our future stories.

We believe that life is not measured by the number of

breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.