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Our fishing programs are designed with your finest Kamchatka fishing experience in mind.

Thank you for considering fishing with The Best of Kamchatka™.

Our programs were not put in place by geography, past momentum or profitability; our programs were hacked out of the wilderness.

  • We maintain the longest running relationship on Kamchatka with our single Russian Partner.
  • All of our logistics are dialed in.
  • Victor Rebrikov and I have worked together since 1999.

Lets talk about logistics ---

We take a private bus out of the Petropavlovsk valley to ensure our anglers are on the water as safely, comfortably and quickly as possible. It is important to understand the geography of Kamchatka and that flying directly from Petro to any of the programs on Kamchatka is not a benefit. Our competitors by the nature of their decisions and geographic locations on Kamchatka are forced to fly out of Petro. When you look at the location of Petro it is surrounded by mountains and is pushed up against the Bering Sea - FOG - is their big problem.  We used to fly into and out of Petropavlovsk but with thought we came to understand there was a better way.  After a three hour comfortable bus ride, this year all on paved roads, we arrive in Milkova where our our guests join the helicopter. You never need to worry about flying thru the mountains in bad weather.  Our anglers reach the program of choice quickly and efficiently.  Last summer on my return flight to Kamchatka,August 15th, I was asked on the plane by my competitors guests if they would fly that day. Looking out of the plane's windows I told them the hard truth, not likely.  All of their anglers sat in Petro for 2 days - our guests were landing huge Rainbows that afternoon.

If we are to count on the ground time there is simply no comparison. I hear about how my competitors go for a two-week stint here and there. Or as one he had a total of two weeks of guests last summer while I was on the peninsula for ten weeks. After a few years it became obvious to me I was able to take care of our customers in a much better fashion on the ground as opposed to sitting in the office where I would hear the issues after the fact.

Victor and I started The Best of Kamchatka in the fall of 2004. I named it The Best of Kamchatka for a couple of reasons. Number one.  Victor Rebrikov is the absolute best outfitter on the entire peninsula, period, end of story. He is at every airport pickup, on every helicopter flight and does incredible things for our customers.  The other reason is our rivers.  Two Yurt Float drains out of a lake and cannot blow out.  It is a prolific rainbow fishery with a shot at huge trout in smaller water. The Oz drains lakes on both forks and also does not blow out. The Oz is the most prolific fishery for large Rainbow Trout and other species, Grayling, Dolly Varden and Salmon,  I have ever seen.  While our competitors tout average size of 25 inches, it is the difference between catching 2 big fish in a day or 20 big fish in a day that sets our rivers apart. The Oz fishery is incredibly fertile and according to American biologists, it is the perfect habitat for Rainbow Trout.  We do catch Rainbows over the 30-inch mark each season, and often these fish are caught on mouse patterns.

Everything we do is designed around your comfort and enjoyment!

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      • "A truly great adventure! Great fishing, spectacular setting and most of all fun. Could not have had a better time. Thanks for a first class experience." - Danny Sheldon

      • "What a beautiful piece of unspoiled trout/salmon and grayling heaven. Thank you for a truly unforgettable experience, great staff and superb scenery. Absolute journey every day. A memory to be carried a lifetime." - Holly Grubiak

      • "My second trip to the best rainbow river in the world-the lodge is a family experience-great food and staff." - Ray Snyder

      • What an experience, like no other, this must be trout heaven.  The staff was excellent, top of the line.  Thanks for all of the helpful advice, sure learned a lot." - Jentry Pisca

      • The third time fishing with you was just about perfect. Thanks for a great time." - Bill Goodridge

      • "Eighteen countries, countless lodges-this is the zenith. Vodka, Rainbows, Char from hell-this is the standard by which all others will be judged and found wanting." - Dave Vedder

      • "Incredible river with a wide variety of water, hard working and very friendly guides. Complaints: None Suggestions: I’d have to make them up Memories: Many Thanks. This was an incredible experience" - Scott Heywood

      • "The best rainbow fishing on the planet. I will remember this trip always. Great food too." - Kirby Williams

      • "Yesterday was the best day of fishing I have ever had. Fun and great staff" - Reg Brown

      • "Best rainbow fishing in the world-and with wonderful helpful staff that took care of all of us guests." - Peter Mansfield

      • "Thanks for a great adventure. I’d rather be here than any other fishing adventure." - Bill Weege

      • "Had a fabulous week of fishing. Loved hunting for trout under the trees with Gena. Boatmanship was awesome." - Lee Ann Ross


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