The Water of Kamchatka

Kamchatka Water

There are few places on our big blue planet with water one can drink straight from the rivers. Kamchatka water is famous throughout the world for its pure sweet taste.  1/4 of the worlds pacific salmon also call Kamchatka's pure water home.  Incredible marine ecosystems stretching for thousands of miles on each coast.  And most importantly few if any people.


Reg Brown

"Yesterday was the best day of fishing I have ever had. Fun and great staff" - Reg Brown

Ray Snyder

"My second trip to the best rainbow river in the world-the lodge is a family experience-great food and staff." - Ray Snyder

Jentry Pisca

What an experience, like no other, this must be trout heaven.  The staff was excellent, top of the line.  Thanks for all of the helpful advice, sure learned a lot." - Jentry Pisca

Lee Ann Ross

"Had a fabulous week of fishing. Loved hunting for trout under the trees with Gena. Boatmanship was awesome." - Lee Ann Ross