Reg Brown

"Yesterday was the best day of fishing I have ever had. Fun and great staff" - Reg Brown

Ray Snyder

"My second trip to the best rainbow river in the world-the lodge is a family experience-great food and staff." - Ray Snyder

Jentry Pisca

What an experience, like no other, this must be trout heaven.  The staff was excellent, top of the line.  Thanks for all of the helpful advice, sure learned a lot." - Jentry Pisca

Lee Ann Ross

"Had a fabulous week of fishing. Loved hunting for trout under the trees with Gena. Boatmanship was awesome." - Lee Ann Ross

Holly Grubiak

"What a beautiful piece of unspoiled trout/salmon and grayling heaven. Thank you for a truly unforgettable experience, great staff and superb scenery. Absolute journey every day. A memory to be carried a lifetime." - Holly Grubiak

Scott Heywood

"Incredible river with a wide variety of water, hard working and very friendly guides. Complaints: None Suggestions: I’d have to make them up Memories: Many Thanks. This was an incredible experience" - Scott Heywood

Bill Weege

"Thanks for a great adventure. I’d rather be here than any other fishing adventure." - Bill Weege

Bill Goodridge

The third time fishing with you was just about perfect. Thanks for a great time." - Bill Goodridge

Kirby Williams

"The best rainbow fishing on the planet. I will remember this trip always. Great food too." - Kirby Williams

Danny Sheldon

"A truly great adventure! Great fishing, spectacular setting and most of all fun. Could not have had a better time. Thanks for a first class experience." - Danny Sheldon

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