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Kamchatka Rainbow fishing stories

On December 28th, 2018

Kamchatka Rainbow fishing stories

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Rainbows From Above Flyout Lodge

I was excited to see Dima as our pilot for opening week at RFA. The way he lands a helicopter within feet of the river bank is no mean feat and a huge boon for our anglers. Dima told me all about his 4 kids and family last summer. With over 15,0000 hours flying helicopters on Kamchatka and 4 kids he is just the way I like my pilots


The third day of the season Dima drops me on KFC creek. I have Jim and Paul. Both in great shape other than Paul's propensity to fall in the river at any time. This fabulous small spring creek was discovered and named by my guide Chris Mutert in 2016. It had been fished only 3 other times. And this was my first. As we approach thru a copse of trees I am amped with anticipation. I remember the starry eyes and the stories from Chris and the guests in 2017.

Of course the very first moment Paul does a head first swim in waist deep water. Luckily it is a hot July morning and he is no worse for the wear. The first corner holds fish, big fish, bruiser trout that hammer their flies. We move fast and every prime slot, every corner, every deep bank, every log or stick holds a huge trout - it is insane. And they are all between 22-28 inches and in a spring creek hardly more than 30 feet wide.

Mouse and Poplar Leaf Destroyer

The stand out moment was a corner pool about mid way thru the morning. The water was crystal clear and yet deep enough I can't see bottom. Standing on the inside point above the river I have a perfect view of the entire scene. The corner ran right to left with a shallow tail out, where I see 3 or 4 trophy trout. Jim steps to the upper edge and pitches his mouse fly into the middle of the pool. From nowhere comes a crashing strike as a huge 6 pound Rainbow hammers his rodent. Like buck fever he rips it way from this monster. Next cast; again Jim's fly is hit so hard and violently his reaction is to yank it away. I watch as this apex predator swims in circles looking to kill. Again Jim pitches it in and again he pulls it away. I then witness something I still can't believe. This Rainbow angrily swimming in circles lashed out and destroyed a floating Poplar leaf. I was stunned to see a trout so enraged it crushes an inanimate object. Yes Jim caught that fish the next cast.  Pictured above.

It is nearing lunch time and we trek a short distance to meet up with Andrew and Kip. They have been fishing an even smaller tributary to the south a quarter of a mile away. While we approach we see Andrew hooked up to a monster on a dry fly.

After a quick sandwich at the helicopter I walk down stream to a flat pool and watch as Kip proceeds to pull them in relentlessly all on a big parachute Adams.
The OZernaya River Jet Boat Lodge
The next crazy moment was from the OZ. The group from Reds Flyshop is having an exceptional week.  Water conditions were perfect and the days flowed like a serpent thru the blasting green valley of the OZ.
I was guiding Joe and Shan, both long time guides themselves. The weather was blue sky and we were having solid fishing, nothing crazy. After catching a few on a big flat where the Chum salmon were starting to spawn I decided to move. Jumping in the back of the boat standing on the rear seat, we slid down the shallow bank looking for deeper water to start the motor.
Looking down into the water huge trout are peeling off the bank and swimming around the drifting boat. I tell Joe, cast- cast. He sees them and as we float down the bank for 100 yards even more huge trout slid around the stern to have a 6-inch fly slapped down in front of them. They attack them all. These trout could not resist. It was an incredible visual feast. Every one of them pounced like a barracuda. Totally unafraid or spooked by us or the 16 foot boat - the apex Rainbow trout predators on planet earth.

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